• Is There A Cure For Herpes?

    The question: can herpes be cured is asked so many times. And we here to answer it.

  • Let's see is there a cure for herpes?

    And the search for the herpes simplex cure goes on. However, this time, there is a difference in that the results are so promising and soon, we will have a cure for HSV. It is advisable that you keep it here so that you get all the updated information and news about the research going on to find a cure for this virus. It is important that you have the right information so that you can also update others who might be suffering. For example, do you know that there is a new cure called ImmunoVEX that is currently on trial, from a company called Biovex.

  • Useful Information About Herpes

    Here, we find all the useful information so that you know what to do if you have already tested positive for the herpes simplex virus. Biovex is only one of the companies, because there are many more. This means that when finally, a full cure is realized, there will be several of them and that will make it even cheaper for consumers. The drug that is on trial, ImmunoVex is already showing promise. When it is finally released, it is sure to hit the market running

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    We are happy to assist in finding a cure for herpes

    March 3, 2017
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    We often hear a question is herpes curable? Even though there is currently no cure for herpes simplex, there is treatment, which just comes in handy to make life easier for people who have the herpes simplex virus. Most of the times, this virus will stay dormant in the nerve cells without doing...
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    Many scientist and researcher constantly looking for a herpes cure. It takes lot of human resources and investment to study and make a certain breakthrough in the field. In this article we would like to talk abbout some of the advancments and herpes cure breakthrough that was announced not that...
  • Is Zinc A Cure For Herpes

    Let's look at the some of the research

    Zinc is a natural suplement and can significantly boost immune system

    For a long time, there was a suspicion that Zinc could also be used to cure herpes simplex virus and thankfully, it is finally proving true. The good news is that this will add a new product to the market, thus giving the consumers a variety of choices and better prices. Many of the researchers say that their aim is to make the virus impotent such that it cannot cause the disease anymore. That means that the virus will be there but it will be harmless, just like a toothless bulldog. While infection is lifelong, there is a danger that if no way to curb the spread of this virus is found, many more people will catch it. As of now, about 60 million Americans carry the Herpes Simples Virus 2, which causes genital herpes. However, there may be a light in the research, with the research on the potent of zinc showing a lot of promise.

    Perhaps the most important step in research for the herpes simplex virus cure is in the progress that Harvard University has made in their ACAM-529, which is already in the market. While we agree that any drug or vaccine always has room for improvement, there is now a lot of hope for humankind and soon, herpes simplex virus may not be a threat. Just a way to disarm it and make it less potent is what is needed. With full-blown clinical trials going on, all you need is to keep checking in this website for the latest developments in the researches going on. Many more universities have taken the cue and so the race in search of cure is on. Very soon, science will conquer the herpes simplex virus and people will not suffer again.

    Why has this virus defied cure for so long? One may ask. In its dormant form, the virus is invisible to drugs and vaccinations. The good thing is that researchers all over the world have effectively made a few animal trials that have proved very effective. As of now, clinical trial for immunoVEX is on going and from the first results, researchers are very hopeful that there will be a breakthrough. That is why in this website, we will bring you the latest news about research and what it yields. We will bring you news of the latest developments. Find out about zinc and what it can do to curb this virus. Learn how you can prevent an outbreak and thus stay safe from the symptoms.



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